About original Kung Fu training

By seriously practicing an original style of Kung Fu, in reality you practice an art that will steadily and gradually elevate you in exceptional new heights both physically and mentally.

If you are dedicated and you practice for at least 3-4 times per week, for a couple of hours each time, you can be assured that in one year you wont be the same human being you were before you started.

You will be more powerful, your reflexes will be better, you wont get injured or tired so easily. Your movement will be faster and easier and you will be a lot more flexible. This will give a boost in your self-confidence, you will be more capable and sure about your actions. Serious practice elevates you from within with gentleness and respect. Gradually your muscles, your tendons and then your bones will be stronger and stronger. And all those beautiful things can be a reality for you if you just practice a serious Kung Fu style for around 10 hours per week that you will also have fun while practice it.

For me this is a priceless deal.

Sifu Ho Lap Tin knew and was a teacher of an original and true Kung Fu style called Siu Lam Pai Hung Gar style. We in our school know that this is an original and true Kung Fu style because we practice it for so many years now and we have seen and felt its marvelous results. Serious Kung Fu training never really ends, the more you practice it the better you becoming.

Ho Lap Tin had a student in Hong Kong which called Shu Pui Cheung. In 1974, Sifu Cheung went to Philadelphia USA and he started teaching Kung Fu. Our teacher and the initial founder of our school, Sifu Iatrakis Antonis, learned Kung Fu from Sifu Cheung in Philadelphia and then he came in Heraklion, Crete in Greece and opened our school. Our current Sifu of the school is a lifelong student of Sifu Iatrakis and a Sifu himself for over 20 years know and his name is Sifu Kuriakakis Kostas.

In our school Sifu Kuriakakis teaches an original and authentic Kung Fu style. He is doing lessons in the school for groups, in private and also for those that can’t come to the school he is available for online lessons.

Whoever wants to experience the true benefits of a serious Kung Fu study could contact us, start doing some lessons for a few months and then he will judge on his own if this whole article it says the truth or not.


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